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October 5, 2016

Scrapbooking My Characters

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charcoal-drawing-1558887_1920Have you ever scrapbooked a novel?  I read an article about this in the SCBWI Bulletin and am giving it a shot.  I’m a pretty visual person so this may work well for me.  We shall see.

First things first, I’m scrapbooking my characters.  I designated one page per character but I’m not sure that’s going to be enough.  I’m working in Adobe Illustrator and will then print out my pages so I’m not too worried about running out of pages.  I’ll just start another Illustrator file or add more paper to the binder.

For whatever silly reason, I started with two of the secondary characters.  For Michael, the main character’s older brother, I have a head shot and a tattoo that he picked up while in the military.  I have his primary vehicle as well as a paint swatch.  I still need to find clothing samples.

For Jake, the love interest, I also have a head shot.  The hair color is wrong but maybe I can fix that with colored pencils once I print it out.  Yeah, yeah, someone super techy could do it electronically.  I’d rather just get out a pencil.  I do have two clothing samples for him and several tools of the trade, his vehicle and corresponding paint swatch.

I’m trying to decide what else I need to include.  I started to say not hobbies, this isn’t a really hobby oriented culture.  You know how it is — the working poor are busy working.  But they do have talents and I need to figure out where each of these young men  excels.

After I finish with these two, I have four more characters to go.  Then I’ll work up settings (house, town, store, ruins, mining area) and material culture.  Material culture will definitely take some research so that I know technologically what they do. Then I’ll figure out what tools they use to do it.

Oh, right.  I also need to finish the rewrite of the book that’s due Wednesday.  But, honestly, I’d rather be looking at pictures.




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