One Writer’s Journey

September 5, 2016

Labor Day

Blue Spring March 2016

Blue Spring.

My husband and son both have today off.  We spent some time and the lake this weekend.  While they were doing boy things, I did some walking and got to watch a spanish canary, so-called by my grandmother, feeding on thistle.  I’m thinking what she called a spanish canary was actually a female goldfinch.  Regardless, I’m inspired to get some work done on Iron Mountain.

I may have to limit this enthusiasm to research until I meet this next big deadline but that’s okay.  It will give me time to page through the Foxfire Books.  This will require acquiring the Foxfire books.  These are books about back woods, old timey ways to do various tasks.  My grandfather collected these books so I have the first 6 or so.  I think there are now 15.  Oh, the agony of having to book shop!

With the boys off today, we’re heading into the city to visit Left Bank Books and have lunch at Pi Pizzeria.  Totally the opposite of where we were earlier and the setting for my story.  The contrast – that can be research too, can’t it?

Hope you are all having a good Labor Day holiday.  Maybe you can write something based on your weekend’s activities.  If not, maybe you can just recharge your batteries.  You can’t write without replenishing your energy.  Why not take today and do something fun?

If I can do it, you can it!




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