Publicity: TeachingBooks

Black Lives Matter
The book that earned me this opportunity.

When I opened the e-mail, I wasn’t sure how to react.  I’d used the Audio Name Pronounciations on to help students learn the names of their favorite authors.  Once you hear some of them, you never forget how to say them.  Scieszka rhymes with Fresca.

But why would they contact me?  Sue Bradford Edwards. That’s pretty straightforward.

They has provided me with several links so I listened to Neil Gaiman explain his pronounciation and the origin of his family name. Maya Angelou explains how she got the name Maya which isn’t her given name.

Stories.  Hmm.  I can tell a story.  And, like much of what I write, this would be nonfiction.  I’m good at that.

It took me about a week to decide on a story.  Then I wrote it out and rehearsed.  When I could read it through out loud without stumbling, I called the handy dandy phone number and recorded my message.  You can hear it here.

It would have been easy to just let this opportunity slide.  After all, my name is easy to pronounce so I don’t think that teachers are going to look hither and yon for how to say my name. But as I poked around the site, I discovered that each author has a page.  The page includes links to their website and blog and at least one of their books. Otherwise, it is a great place for teachers to look for author information but also a “safe place” for young readers.

And now I’m a part of it.  What might be the most fun?  I can share this recording far and wide.  That means that I have an interesting little tidbit that I can share with people who are interested in me and my writing.  Now, I have to figure out how to imbed it in my web site…



4 thoughts on “Publicity: TeachingBooks

  1. Hey Sue. Our pastor is starting to plan to have a community wide, two-night forum in November on racial issues, partly to lead into a study of the book “America’s Original Sin” by Jim Wallis. He hopes to have folks there from the police department, Weber State University, and I don’t know who all else to dialogue. I was just wondering if you ever get involved in speaking to small groups like that. I was going to mention you to Gary, but thought I’d best ask if that might be something you’d be interested in. It would be pretty low key. If so, give me a holler. Otherwise, just disregard this email. Thanks, Cheryl Carter

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      I am interested. I don’t know that your pastor would be interested in paying for me to come all that way, but it sounds like a fascinating program!

    2. I’m not sure what he’s got in mind, but I emailed him and he seemed really interested. Do you have an email address where he could get in touch with you? If so, could you drop me a note on my contact page on my blog?

      His name is Gary Haddock. Our church is Community United Methodist in Ogden, Utah. Gary is a cool guy. He’s head of disaster relief for the western Methodist conferences.

      Thanks, SueBE. I appreciate your getting back to me. Have a good night.

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