Holiday House Sold

Holiday HouseLast week the publishing world found out that the independent children’s publisher Holiday House had been sold.  John Briggs, Holiday House president, made the decision to do this so that he could retire.  The publisher was purchased by “a new company formed by growth equity investment firm Trustbridge Partners.”  Although I’m sure this company has a name, they do after all need something to put on their letterhead, but that’s what they are called in all of the stories that I’ve seen.

Holiday House will continue to operate independently under a “management team” headed by v-p and editor-in-chief Mary Cash. Cash has been with the Holiday House for 20 years.  Future plans are to keep the publisher in their present NYC offices but add staff to support “the company’s expanding publishing program.”

More staff.  Expanding program.

Fingers crossed that this means good thing because, selfishly enough, Holiday House has long been one of my dream publishers.  They don’t have any of my manuscripts at present but that’s because . . . drum roll please . . . nothing is out there.  Nothing that isn’t under contract anyway.  Yeah, that’s something I need to work on and, to that end, I need to get back to work.  I have a manuscript that’s almost ready to go out.