Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge

goodreadsWhen I signed up for the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge, I did it for the most part to help me keep track of what I read this year.  That said, I was also curious.  How many books do I read in a year?  I wasn’t sure but I came up with a guess-timate of about 150.  I took a quick look at the goals other people had set.  350 seemed a bit . . . hopeful.  40 a bit hopeless.  So I decided to go with a conservative non-braggy 100.

I met my goal a couple of days ago.  At this point I’m one book over my goal.  I was really happy to see that I can surpass my goal and the challenge will still keep track of my books.

So what have I read?

58 picture books

3 beginning readers

1 Chapter book

6 middle grade books

6 young adult books

18 adult books

7 graphic novels

Clearly, I read a lot more picture books than anything else.  I do have a lot more adult books on the list than I thought there would be as well as fewer young adult.  I read more novels when someone is in school and more picture books when he isn’t.

Do I read enough to study my craft?  I sure hope so because I’m not sure how many more I can squeeze in.  That said, I will be keeping track until the end of the year.  Besides, I’m part way through 3 different books (1 adult, 1 middle grade, 1 audio) and I want to get them on the list!  If you are interested click through here to see my entire list.