Finding Time to Write

Wombats, Wombat, Shield, Note, SignIs your writing a priority?  I always say yes but I’m not sure that that has been true this past month.

My dad has been in the hospital twice.  He’s now in rehab.  We’re looking for new housing for him.  And I had to get my son registered for high school.  It seems like no one will do anything without contacting me first.  And an hour of every morning is spent with my Dad.

“You need to write in the morning,” said my husband.

“But Dad . . .”

“But deadline. Go seem him after dinner.  Because I said so.”

So with this very strong suggestion I planned to come home from yoga and shut myself in the office for 90 minutes to draft a chapter.  That’s it.  Ninety minutes.  But the moment I walked in the front door, the phone was ringing.  “This is where your dad lives, we want you to send this text and work this out . . .”  There followed 4 phone calls and no less than 25 texts.  Yes, I found the information and told the last person in the chain where to find it.


I’m not sure why I’m the one who has to do it.  In fact, they’re being paid to do it. I’m just acting as the messenger.  So I finally announced that I was going on radio silence.  Anyone else who calls will be told by a dining room full of teens that I’m in Australia herding wombats.  I posted it on Facebook.  Then phone rang.

“Mom isn’t taking calls.”

“But we were just texting…”

“She’s in Australia…” said one.

“. . . herding wombats,” yelled the rest.

Five teens, one Facebook post about Australia, and a spot of time and I’ve finally drafted my chapter.  Sometimes making your writing a priority is really difficult.  But you need to do it.  Don’t take a page out of my book and wait to get permission from your spouse.  Post something on Facebook.  Put all of the phones, including your cell, in another room.  And, if you need, I’ll loan you one of the teens.  They love relaying messages about herding and wombats and wack-a-doodle writers.