Accidental Research

Dice, Cube, Die, Game, Gamer, Chance, Luck, GamblingToo bad I’m not writing a book set in the 1970s.  Hmm. Maybe I should just shift the date on the Cold War mystery.  I’m not too far to do that.  I’ve gotten to do some extra research this week.  Why?  Because while I was out yesterday our internet went out.

When I got home, there sat my 17 year-old waiting for someone to hear him gripe.  The problem is that our “data is bundled” or something like that.  No internet.  No phone.  Couldn’t even Google on my cell phone.

For 24 hours, I had a computer but no online access.  It was just like the computer my dad brought home when I was in junior high.  I could word process but I could use the online dictionary.  I could write this blog post, but I couldn’t search for an image to go with it or post it.

But the crazy thing was that we suddenly seemed to have more time on our hands.  We watched something on TV (thankfully we still use an antenna for that) and we each got a lot done around the house.  I’m almost caught up folding laundry.  My son did scads of chores.  Scads.  He said that word a lot. I read a book.

I didn’t get as much writing done as I would have liked because I just finished a job.  That means that everything I might work on next is in the early stages.  Even my fiction is pretty fact dependent so everything is in the research stages.  Amazingly, I’m pretty darn internet dependent when it comes to my research.  Yes, I could go to the library but I’m not entirely willing to leave a house full of kids on their own.  Besides, it’s kind of fun listening in as they entertain themselves old school.  They’re playing D&D (Dungeons and Dragons for the newbs among you) and my dining room table is spread end to end with manuals – Players Handbooks, Dungeon Master’s Handbooks, Monster Manuals and more.

It’s a pretty awesome way to spend the day.


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