Goals: Setting Them Isn’t Enough

setting goalsI’ve been playing around with goal setting lately.  Yes, I get my work out there on a regular basis.  I have three books waiting for their ABDO publication dates and a fourth in the final rewrite process.  Blog posts appear on the Muffin and I’m writing articles for CBI.

But I’d like to break into some new markets.  Let’s just say that I’ve learned over the years about the hazards of putting all of my eggs in one basket and most of my good-sized eggs are currently in the ABDO basket.  I should get some more work and some queries out there.  I should query some agents.

Should-a, could-a, would-a.

So I decided to set a new type of goal.  I wrote about it at the Muffin. My goal for July through December is to earn 50 rejections.  I’m going to count as “don’t hear = no” as a rejection for the sake of this exercise.  But the problem is that another week into July and I haven’t contacted a single agent.  I haven’t sent out any queries.  And the manuscript that an editor wants to see by the end of August?  Not one word has been added.

What happened?  A bit of it is work related but 90% of it is life.  I’m speaking at the All Write Now conference in Cape Girardeau this Saturday.  Oddly enough, that meant that I had to write my talk.  Check.  Got that done.  I also had to critique two manuscripts.

Due to an illness in the family, I’ve been at the hospital a lot (I’m okay, Dad less so but he should be discharged in a day or so).

I set the goal but it may be another week or so before I have the time and energy needed to make any progress and that’s just the way it is.