Writing for Children: Reality vs Something Else

what I doOne of the strangest things about writing for children is the reaction that I get from people when I tell them what I do.  For a long time, the reaction I got most often was — you know, I have an idea for a book … This never came from people who wrote.  It was just something that everyone else, or so it seemed, wanted to do.

That was then.  This is now.  Now people tend to ask me what I’m working on.  Patience.  I’m working on patience.  Oh, you mean my writing.  I’m co-authoring a book about NASA.

Their first guess, and yes, they have to guess, is that I’m writing a “kiddy book, everything I need to know about NASA.”

No, I’m actually writing a book about a group of female mathematicians who started working for NASA in World War II and played an integral part in the US space race.

::cricket.  cricket.  cricket::

If you are going to write for children and teens, get used to educating the general public.  It will give you something to do when you’re not at your desk.