How to Create an Invoice

invoiceRecently, Duchess and I had to invoice for the first half of the NASA book.  She had never had to do this before and it crossed my mind that maybe some of you have never had to invoice for a job either.  It is really pretty simple.  Here is my basic format:


From:   (Name)
(Street Address)
(City, State and Zip)
(SS #)

To:    (Publisher)

RE:  (Billing for what?)

(Unit)                                                       $(Value)

Total Payable: $(Total)
Date of Invoice: (Month, Day, Year)

(Repeat of name and address, city, state zip)


The important part is to break down what you are billing for as much as possible.  For Duchess and I this meant a single item:  Chapter 1, outline and bibliography.  The second invoice will be for Full Manuscript, Backmatter, and Bibliography.  When I write for, I have to break it down by activity so it will read something like:

Felt Heart activity and Photo                        $25.00

Hoop game and Photo                                    $25.00

Counting activity and 2 Photos                     $30.00

Obviously, if the publisher that you are billing has different instructions, follow them!  But if they just ask for an invoice, this will give you something to use as a template.