Here’s My Superpower — What’s Yours?

Batman, Superman, Lego, Superhero, Hero, Fast, StrongLucky for me that I read Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s Her post alerted me to a book-based contest, “Draw the Line: What’s Your Superpower?

The contest is based on Laurent Linn’s novel, Draw The Line.  In the book, the main character creates a superhero version of himself, Graphite. Graphite uses art to fight brutality and Adrian comes to realize that that is also his superpower.  The contest encourages readers to consider their own abilities and to submit a drawing of themselves as a superhero.  Linn doesn’t want people to only think about what they wish they could do.  He wants them to think about what they already do ranging from school to sports and also being a good friend.  Click on the link above to Debbie’s post to find out more.  For whatever crazy reason (I so love it when computers refuse to help), the video refuses to link although I just watched it.  Twice.

Silly computer issues aside, what is your superpower?  As presented on her blog, Debbie’s is the ability to create food doodles.

I’ve been waffling about what mine might be.  In the “food doodle” school of thought, it is my ability to spot unappreciated ironies.  “Why does that strange guy keep staring at you?  I don’t know.  Maybe he’s wondering why that judgy looking women keeps staring at him?” This ability is never, ever appreciated.  Never.

But on a more serious note — I think my superpower is my ability to slip into the reality that I’m writing about even if it isn’t MY reality.  I see the sense.  I identify the logic.  It’s how I can write about social issues and present both sides of an argument. I suspect it has something to do with empathy.  If I didn’t have this ability, I wouldn’t have dared to take on Black Lives Matter.  

What about the rest of you?  What’s your superpower?