5 Things Productive Writers Do

Vintage, Typewriter, Write, New York, Letters“I’m so impressed by your energy!”  Irony, oh sweet irony.  On the day that I got this message from another writer, I was virtually draped across my desk.  Spring allergy abundance guaranteed blurry vision and a stopped up nose.  Yet here I was writing.  Sort of.  I was at my desk but I had no idea what she meant by energy.  I certainly didn’t feel energetic.  Then I read on – oh, she meant productive.

I’m always amazed when other writers comment on about how productive I am.  I don’t feel productive.  I feel like a working writer.  It’s how I keep the lights on. It’s my job and that’s probably why I am productive.  To be productive you have to . . .

Treat writing like your job. It can’t be something that you do only if you have free time.  You have to make time.  Hey!  Don’t give me sass.  I know there are only so many hours in the day, but if you want to be a writer you have to write. Some days you might write for only fifteen or twenty minutes.  Others you might have an hour or more.  The point is that you write . . .

Even when you don’t feel like it.  There are days that I’d rather sit on the sofa and watch Firefly and knit.  Or listen to an audio book and knit. My Muse hasn’t shown up for work and I don’t feel like it either.  But to be productive, I have face the fact that I don’t have a muse.  What I have is dedication although it helps to know . . .

When is the best time of day to write.  Ideally, I’m not a morning or an evening writer.  I am an afternoon writer.  That doesn’t mean that I won’t write in the morning or evening, but I try to write in the afternoon.  It’s when I’m my most prolific.  That’s really important when I’ve . . .

Said “yes” to a new challenge.  Productive writers take on new tasks.  Sometimes that means trying a new type of writing like the middle grade novel I’m drafting.  I don’t normally write fiction.  Or science fiction.  So far I’ve crafted 50 pages.  But to keep this pace up I have to . . .

Refuel.  For different writers this means different things.  My husband and I are putting in a new garden.  I’m also finishing up a knitting project for my cousin.  While I knit, I listen to audio books.  Twice a week, I go to yoga. All of these things help fuel my creativity.

It might seem impossible to be a working writer.  Sometimes it seems impossible even to those of us who do it.  But when that happens, we do what needs to be done.  Some days that means refueling.  Some days that means sucking it up, sitting down and writing.  Because, really, its the time spent writing that makes us writers.


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