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April 19, 2016

We Have a Winner

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Star, Bronze, Winner, Award, Metal, Success, MetallicPeriodically I mention a post that I’ve written for The Muffin. That’s the blog over at WOW! Women on Writing.  There are a team of us who blog there and we just got some great news.  We won placement in the Writer’s Digest 101 Best Websites award again for 2016!   Woo-hoo!  

Check it out and you’ll find a wide variety of posts on writing.

Margo Dill recently wrote about her path to becoming a children’s writer (here).

Guest blogger Karen Cioffi blogged about the tiny steps we can all take to promote our platforms.

Renee Roberson shared 4 Tips on using Instagram as a writer.

And we have a full range of writers.  Some of us write novels.  Some of us write nonfiction.  We publish traditionally and self-publish.  We write for children and adults.  Because of this, we have a wide ranging audience.

Between the list of regular bloggers and guest bloggers, you’ll find a new post every day.  The great things about blogging as part of a group is that the pressure isn’t all on one person to create a consistently amazing blog.  And if you have an emergency, someone on the crew can step forward and post on your day so that you have the break you need to deal with whatever happened.

If you don’t want to maintain your own blog, look for a group blog.  Find out how they select their writers.  You could also team up with a friend or two and create a new group blog.  Writing is such a solitary experience that it is especially rewarding when you find a group of like minded souls.




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