The Downside of Audio Books

Fashion, Model, Beauty, Woman, People, Blonde, PortraitWriters should listen to audiobooks.  It’s one of those things that I firmly believe will help you learn about pacing and the poetry of language.  If you want more detail on this, take a look at my post on The Muffin.

As necessary as audio books are, I have to admit that sometimes, just sometimes, they can be embarrassing.

Recently, I was listening to a Holly Black book.  Yeah, I know.  Holly Black.  If you’re going to listen to a Holly Black book, you better go into it with a certain set of expectations.  I’ve listened to several of her books so I thought I knew what to expect, but as I listened to Tithe two of the female characters chatted about whether or not they’d seen a circumcised penis before and how much they’d be willing to pay “hot male teen” to give ’em a look.

Of course, this is when my husband walked into the room.  He didn’t say boo, he never does, but he gave me the look.  You know, the “what the heck” look.

Those moments are significantly more common when I’m listening to an adult novel but YA novels also have special moments like this.  I’m not saying that these parts should be cut or that the books are bad or inappropriate but . . . really?  Was that necessary in front of other people?


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