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April 8, 2016

Friday Fun: A Stretch for Writers and Illustrators

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Technically, this wasn’t billed as a stretch for writers or illustrators but my yoga teacher has made one thing clear.  A stretch that’s good for the hands is good for the hands.  Hand work is hand work.  That means that a stretch that benefits crafters very often benefits those of us who slave away at the keyboard as well.

The problem is that we work in more or less the same position for hours.  Or at least an hour.  We all have different work patterns.  But our hands, shoulders and arms as well as our backs get stiff.  Yoga is great for this kind of stiffness.

While they show this one taking place on the floor, with care, you can do it in your desk chair.  Why do I say with care?  Because you want to be careful not to wack your coffee cup in your yogic enthusiasm.  It could be that I thought of that because I dumped my water bottle in my yoga bag today or maybe it’s something that a normal person would worry about too.

I did give this a shot since I don’t know this pose but I could easily feel the benefit after an hour of arguying with my WIP.

So give the video a look but don’t just watch.  Give it a try.  You’ll be glad that you did.




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