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April 7, 2016

Themed Word Lists

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Collaboration, Collaborator, Book, Dictionary, WordsSomeone on Facebook just recommended something that looks like a really helpful resource if you ever use themed word lists.  Why would you need a themed list?  Here are some possibilities.

Motion words.  In a picture book text, I needed a variety of words to describe animal movement.  This text is super brief so the words needed to be descriptive and very specific.

Themes relating to POV characters.  Because of what my characters are interested in, I’ve needed to use specialized vocabulary when I see the world through their eyes.  This means finding words that have to do with swimming, wolves, and power.

Descriptive words.  A friend of mine wrote a book that involved treasure.  She used words associated with metal to describe various sounds throughout her book.

Any time that you are working with a theme or a character’s interest, using words that have to do with that theme or interest adds layers to your story.  You can find lists of such words at  To access the word lists, find the blue ribbon at the top of the page and mouse over “Subject Word Lists.”

I found lists for the following subjects:  Astronomy, Archaeology and Geology as well as Spelunking and Caving.  I don’t always ending up using the exact words that I find but they are usually good for nudging me along and helping me think of my own list of words.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some writing to do.




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