What kids are reading…

Kids, Reading, Book, Kids Reading, Girl, CuteOn March 2, 2016, An American Book Sellers Association Panel discussed books that resonate with young readers.  You can read the entire Publisher’s Weekly article here but I’ve listed some of the highlights below.

  • Hannah Lambert at Little Simon (books up to age 8) reports that they have good luck with nonfiction that tells a story.  Young readers want a character to lead them through the piece and/or they want to know how it relates to their world vs being a bunch of facts.
  • John Rahm from Capstone says that they’ve had good feedback on their interactive You Choose series which includes a Choose Your Own Adventure vibe.
  • Capstone has also had good luck with STEM titles although Rahm prefers the acronym STEAM which inserts art and emphasizes how art and design work within the context of the science, technology, engineering and math.
  • Celia Lee from Scholastic mentioned “recasting” a fiction character in a nonfiction story as Ted Arnold does with the Fly Gus presents nonfiction readers.
  • Lee also noted that books that include both illustrated images and photography are selling.
  • Increased interest in picture book nonfiction, especially biographies.
  • Increasted interest in books that combine simple concepts, styles and forms such as Herve Tullet’s Press Here.
  • More craft and how-to books for ages 4 – 12.  Something they might want to see?  Cookbooks for this group with recipes that require minimal adult help.
  • Books that are interactive such as coloring books and Capstone’s Wearable Books with masks to punch out.

Their final words of advice?  Avoid fads.


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