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March 11, 2016

Cooking as Research

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Fondue, Cheese, Pot, Pan, Melted, Red, Handle, DippingI’m still doing the research for my Cold War novel and I realized that Frankie is going to have to eat.  But what should she eat?  Fortunately, I grew up in the 1970s and I have a copy of my mother’s notebook, each recipe hand written.  But I come to the question, was it hand written in the 1960s, the 1970s or the 1980s?

I know based on when my parents married that things in the front of the notebook were recorded in the 1960s, but where do 1970s start?  There are a variety of recipes that I will need to check including pepper steak (yum!), tuna casserole (ugh), and cherry cheesecake, her favorite birthday dessert.  She also used Mrs. Rambauer’s Joy of Cooking but I have a new edition than she had.

I wanted a few more possibilities so I did a quick search and turned up:

Pineapple chicken and watergate salad which I cannot eat because of the pineapple.


Salad bars with ranch dressing and green goddess dressing.  This brought to mind that my sister-in-law used to eat ranch dressing on her steak and her french fries when they were kids.

Hamburger Helper (ugh)

Cheese fondue (woo-hoo)

Egg nog (spiked)

Fish stick sandwiches (my goodness, we ate our weight in fish sticks)

Cheese balls and cheese logs (have a wonderful family recipe)

Frosted sandwich loaf (what?!)

Salmon loaf (don’t they feed that to prisoners)

Will definitely keep brainstorming and poking around.  One place that I’ll look is on my cookbook shelf.  I’m wondering if I inherited an appropriately aged cookbook or two from my mom or grandmother, but if you’ll excuse me, I just remembered something. I have my mother’s fondue set in the basement.




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