One Writer’s Journey

March 4, 2016

Friday Fun: Crimes Against Humanity as a lesson in knowing your audience?

Friday FunFor his birthday, we gave my son Cards Against Humanity.  He’d had a great time playing it with various cousins and at parties but my husband and I had never played.  If you write picture books of the cute and sweet variety, this game would probably horrify you.  Suffice it to say that my inner 12 year-old boy and I had a blast.

If you’ve never played, each player is dealt 10 white cards.  Each card contains a phrase.  Then one player is the Game Master (not their term but mine).  This person pulls a card from a different deck, the black one, that has either an incomplete sentence or a question.  You use a card in your hand to finish the phrase or answer the question.  The Game Master then chooses the funniest response and that person is the winner.

Some of the black cards that we drew last night included:

I get by with a little help from ———–.  (Winning Answer: my inner demons)

Today on Maury: “Help! My son is ___________.” (Winning Answer: Darth Vader)

Alternative Medicine is now embracing the curative powers of _____________.  (I don’t remember the winning answer.)

What don’t you want to find in your Kung Pao chicken?  (Again, I don’t remember the winning answer.)

First things first, do not play this game with a writer.  A writer knows how to play to their audience.  My son quickly figured out that this is why I was winning.  When he was Game Master, I’d make sure my response was outrageous and/or disgusting.  For my husband, it had to be a bit subversive but also understated and a bit dry.

Now I find myself wondering what stories might result from using some of these as prompts…



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