Color our collections

CFriday Funonsider this a Friday Fun post.  The first week of February was “Color Our Collections,” a time when many libraries and museums made PDFs of various parts of their collections available for download.  Although the event itself is technically over, the PDFs are still available.  The variety is amazing.

I love the selection from the Biodiversity Heritage Library with its bones, plants, flowers and wings.

There’s also the Harvard History of Medicine coloring book which includes a phrenological diagram was well as a Chinese surgical etching.

James Madison University digitized a selection of children’s illustrations including pieces from various Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

Marquette University Libraries selected a series of book plates that are amazingly detailed.  They aren’t round but remind me of mandala in their intricacy.

The American Philisophical Society chose pieces that range from fairy tales to fashion plates.

Monroe Library at Loyola transformed over 30 bird illustrations by John Gould into black and white.

If you love historic etchings, check out the Penmanship Coloring Book produced by the University of Scranton.

Obviously, I could go on and on.  To find these materials you can start with this article at Open Culture.  You can also Google “Color Our Collections,” but if you do be prepared to spend some serious time clicking on links, downloading images and coloring, coloring and coloring some more.