New imprint at Agate

AGATEI always love to find news about a new publisher or imprint.  This time around, an established publisher, Agate, is adding a juvenile list to their list by African-American authors.

The new line, Denene Millner Books, will be a part of the Bolden imprint.  This list debuts in February 2017 with Early Sunday Morning by Millner, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley. After this launch, the imprint plans to release four fiction and nonfiction titles each year.  The list will include everything from picture books to YA novels.

Millner is an established author of books and articles.  When her own daughters were young, she often found it difficult to find books with African-American pov characters.  She has wanted to start an imprint like this for years and discussed it with Agate publisher, Doug Seibold. He liked what she had to say and Denene Millner Books is the result.

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