News from the Bent Agency

News Bent AgencyJust a quick heads up!   Brooks Sherman of the Bent Agency will be closed to new submissions for several months beginning on Monday, February 8, 2016.  So many good things have happened lately for his clients that he has been busy negotiating etc.  and not responding to queries.  This closure will give him time to catch up.
Brooks will announce on the agency blog when he reopens so check every so often.
The good news is that the agency as a whole is not closed to submissions.  If you are interested in another agent, check out their posts.  The only other agent that I spotted that was closed is Jenny Bent and she is making acceptions (see below).
On January 31, the other Bent agents put out their monthly wish list and here is what they hope to see:
  • Susan Hawk:  A contemporary YA with female main character passionate about STEM (science, math, engineering.)
  • Victoria Lowes:  Literary novel set in small US town during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  • Beth Phelan: YA contemporary or magical realism.  Big, oddball family with siblings that are close. Offbeat, fun and heartwarming. Could be dark.  Bonus points if lyrical and “you play with narrative structure.”

Good luck if you have a manuscript that fits on of these descriptions.