My New Book: Trench Warfare

trench warfareHip, hip, hooray!   Both of my 2016 books are out as of January 1.  I’ve already posted about 12 Incredible Facts about the Cuban Missile Crisis (12-story), so today I’m going to focus on Trench Warfare (Abdo).

It seems like each and every time I write one of these books, I learn a thing or twenty. This time I learned a lot about World War I and Great Britain.  I already knew a little something about the war from the US perspective but my focus this time around was the fighting in the trenches.  For the most part, that was over before the US got involved.

I learned how to dig a proper trench and how to lay them out so that a single enemy soldier can’t conquer a whole trench system. I learned about the health problems (rats and lice) and trench medicine.  On the brighter side, I even got to write about trench art — most often carvings made from shell casings.

I learned that an annoying number of sources about this topic are in French.  That’s a huge problem because I only read about 20 words of French — 3 numbers, an assortment of body parts learned from children’s songs, a few to do with food and one cuss word.

Writing buddy Shannon Moore wrote a book in the series as well, Harlem Hellfighters.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to request her book through the library. That’s my way of making sure they buy it!