Martin Luther King Day

Black Lives MatterFirst things first, my apologies for not getting this up last night.  I was just heading to bed when I realized I didn’t have everything ready to go.  My apologies.

This time last year, I had just finished working on Black Lives Matter.  I had turned in the full manuscript and done the rewrites under the advice of Duchess Harris.  As the topic expert, Duchess read through the manuscript and pointed out places that I needed to add more information.  More often than not, her expansions involved how the experiences of black women differed from those of black men.

That makes sense but Duchess also pointed out that the experiences of black women are often ignored when we write about Civil Rights and black history.  I saw this for myself as Duchess and I started work on our next project.  It involves NASA and black women in the 1940s through the 1970s.

First I read about the black experience at NASA.  The author wrote about black men.  Okay.  Feminist writers would surely set the record straight.

So next I read about women at NASA.  I read about the jobs that the women Duchess and I are writing about actually did.  There is one, One, ONE piece that discusses the black women.  It doesn’t discuss them exclusively but they are a part of the manuscript.  Get that — manuscript. It is an unpublished scholarly paper.  The published works addressed what white women doing the same jobs had done. It completely ignored the black women.

Duchess and I are working to correct that oversight.  Our goal is to have a marketable manuscript by summer.  Until then, I’ll be reading and looking for the blank spots that other researchers have left unfilled.



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