Agents: And the Search Goes On…

Agent HuntAs we head into 2016, I’m still on the lookout for an agent.  I have 3 submissions out at this point.

Kristen Hall from Catbird Literary has had it for 2 months which really isn’t all that long even for a 200 word picture book. Yes, I am being serious.  Until an agent opens an e-mail submission, they don’t know if they are going to have to puzzle through 2000 words or 200.  My guess is that most queries sit there until they truly have the time to tackle them.  I met her at the Missouri SCBWI conference.  She said point-blank that she likes books that are hard to categorize and that she’s a rule breaker.  Right up my alley.

Susan Hawk at the Bent Agency has had my submission since . . . drum roll . . . yesterday.  I haven’t heard from her yet either.  How odd!  That said, they do send out a notification as soon as they get the e-mail so I know it went through. The Bent Agency web site said that if you haven’t heard back in a month, send again.  I have the date marked on my calendar.

Emily Sylvan Kim of the Prospect Agency also received my submission yesterday.  Like the Bent Agency, the Prospect Agency lets you know that they received your submission.  They give a broad response time — 1 week to three months depending on conferences and volume.  I have the end date marked on my calendar.

I’ve been researching a few more agents and mostly striking out.  They like nonfiction but not picture books or they like picture books but only fiction.  Blah.  I have one that is closed to submissions until Valentine’s Day when she will post what she wants to see now so I’m going to hold off researching her.  In spite of the “I don’t think so’s” and the “hurry up and wait,” I did find one more agent to really look into.

Maria Vicente of PS Literary wants children’s nonfiction, likes picture books and wants people with family friendly blogs that can lead to picture books.  Yes!   My next step is to read some of her books.

Anyone else looking for an agent in 2016?