Screenless Weekends

cookingOne of the best writing habits I’ve ever developed doesn’t actually involve writing.  It involves going off-line and screen free.  Unfortunately, I broke this particular habit during one of my book rewrites.  I need to redevelop it.

At least one day each weekend, I don’t even turn on my computer.  I don’t check my e-mail.  I don’t go on Pinterest.  If I read, I don’t do it on my husband’s Kindle Fire (very handy for my crochet pattern PDFs).  It also means that I don’t get much writing done on this particular day but that’s okay.

What do I do instead?  I go out with my family.  This might involve visiting my Dad, playing a game with my son or hiking with my husband.  We might go to a movie or a family birthday party.

I read books.  There is very little more decadent than sprawling out on the sofa on a Missouri winter day, shawl draped over my lap, cup of coffee in one hand and actual print book in the other.

I knit.  I crochet.  I might thread new elastic through a skirt casing or put a button back on a shirt.

One day I brought up my mother-in-law’s wedding china and arranged it in my curio.

Sometimes I listen to blue grass or classic rock and clean up in my office or do the ironing.

I bake bread or other less healthy, but fantastic, things from scratch.

It may not be death-defying or super-exciting but it is valuable to me as a writer.  It turns my attention from the reality of glowing pixels to the much larger really of the world.  It gives me time to decompress.  I recharge and I stretch.  By the time I get home from yoga Monday morning, I am ready to write.  Are you?  If not, maybe you need to join me in spending some time off-screen.