Preparing for ReviMo 2016

For those of you who don’t know about this program, ReviMo is Revise More.  It is a picture book revision challenge in which participants pledge to revise 5 days during the week of the challenge.  This year that would be January 10 through January 16.  You can revise five different manuscripts or you can revise the same manuscript five times.

Five times?  Yep.  That’s for those of us who like to focus on one thing at a time.  My first revision might be to deepen characterization.  My second involves starting the story in just the right place.  My third?  Cutting details the illustrator could provide.  My fourth would be getting rid of excess words.  My fifth focuses on ramping up picture book language.

This week I’m chosing the manuscripts I want to rewrite next week.  My focus will most likely be on nonfiction since my plan is to use these to get an agent.  I will be revising:

What’s Up Chuck?  The Biology of Vomit.  Yep.  That’s an actual manuscript.  It started out as an early middle grade but for marketing purposes, translation: to avoid a competing manuscript, I rewrote it as a picture book.  I’m still sitting on draft #1 so I need to nudge the piles on my desk and find my critique group’s comments.

Good Morning Sun (working title).  That’s the manuscript I’m writing for critique group this week.

Fearless Felicity.  I need to tie her greatest desire more closely to the solution.  Fortunately, I know that to do and just need to sit down and do it.  This one is actually GASP fiction.

Embarrassingly enough, I have no recollection what I called the next manuscript.  It is a grade school astronomy book on time zones.  I need to rework it ala The House that Jack Built.

Ink and Paper is one of my first manuscripts and is about a boy and his grandfather.

Prey vs Predator.  This one is simply a matter of reordering some spreads and I’ve been sitting on it an embarrassingly long time.

Feel the Music. This is the one that almost became on app.  I want to revisit it and see if I still like this new version and get it back out.

That’s 7 and in all honestly I could probably come up with something like 15 or 20.  The reality is that first drafts are a lot more fun than rewrites.  Still, I can’t submit a first draft and Meg Miller’s ReviMo challenge will get me moving.  Click here if you are interested in signing up.