Happy New Year

explosion-firework-new-year-s-eve-december-31Just a quick post to wish all of you a Happy 2016.

What am I doing today?  Let’s just say that I’m gearing up to write like mad next week.  That sounds better than reality.

On Christmas Day, my son popped the side seam of his coat from arm pit to hip.  He’s just over 6 feet tall so that’s going to take a while to hand stitch since I don’t want to take the lining out.

I’m also taking a class on the historigraphy (history of the history) of Thomas Jefferson.  I’m really enjoying it, but I thought it was an “at-your-own-pace class.”  Sadly, they expect me to get X amount done per week.  Thank goodness I’m enjoying it because I have 5 lectures to watch and a quiz to take.

And then there are the thank you notes.  Yes, my mama taught me to write thank you notes.  So we need to get those done before everyone goes back to school/work.

I’m excited about starting a new project.  While brain storming for Picture Book Idea Month, a particular idea sprang into being and I’m really looking forward to drafting out this new picture book.

But first, I need to write those thank you notes.