Merry Book-mas

Part of my recent Amazon order.

I’d love to say that I got several new books for Christmas but it didn’t quite happen that way although I did give books.

My husband got the latest Kitty Norville book.  My son got Enemy at the Gates.  My cousin’s daughter got two Fancy Nancy books.  Another cousin’s new son got No, David! and Jamberry.  A third cousin’s granddaughter got two Olivia books.  Although I didn’t intend to give my niece books, she was going on about how much she loved Maximum Ride and she hoped she could get all of the books in the series with her $50 Barnes and Nobel gift card.  I knew it would be close since there are 9 books so I came in here and went through my shelves. I only had the first two but I sent them home with her.

That will help make space for the books that make their way here after I spend my gift cards.

I  may not have gotten books, but I did get two gift cards.  One of my editor’s always treats us to Amazon gift cards.  My in-laws claim that I am impossible to give books to because I read so many from the library.  They feel like scoping out my shelves is almost useless because they don’t want to buy what I just took back to the library. I can see their point and will gladly use the Barnes and Noble card they gave me.

That said, I find gift cards difficult to use.  If I buy X then I can’t buy Y or Z.  It takes me forever to make a decision.  The Amazon card will be relatively easy to use.  A friend of mine, Marella Sands, publishes through Word Posse, a small publisher created by her critique group.  Their books are distributed through Amazon.  I’ll buy one of Marella’s (Restless Bones) and one of Rett’s (Sleeping the Churchyard Sleep).

The Barnes and Noble Card? That’s going to be a much hard to use.  I might buy the Sarah Addison Allen book coming out in January . . .

What would you buy?


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