Feeling Creative?

creative wonderDo you feel creative when you write?  Not productive.  Not skilled.  Creative. It’s something we tend to lose track as we learn to effectively adult.

This was really brought home to me when I taught Bible school.  The program ran in the early evenings and included adults and children.  I taught the adults but got to see the kids at work as well.

A friend of mine was teaching the craft session and on the night she couldn’t be there her son took over. We were drawing quilt squared so all he had to do was give out instructions. When he gave the instructions to the kids, there were the usual mixed reactions.  Some immediately reached for the fabric markers.  Some sat there for a minute before they got to work.  As they worked, parts of the group chatted and laughed.  Others focused intently on what they were doing.

Last but not least, he had my adult class. Again, he gave the instructions.  No one reached for the markers.  No one gazed into the middle distance. Instead, they peppered him with questions.  Can I do this?  Is this okay?  Question after question.  It quickly became clear that the adults weren’t going to just jump into this. They wanted parameters.  They wanted to know what was right.  They were determined to find out what would win approval.

Sound familiar?  All too often that’s how I approach my writing.  That’s why sometimes I need to shake things up.  I need to try something just to see how it changes things.  I need to be creative.

Sometimes, I write a poem.  I’m not a poet so I generally need a nudge which I get from In the Palm of Your Hand, which is something of a print poetry workshop.

Sometimes I rewrite a scene.  How is that creative?  I change POV characters. I change it from 3rd person to 1st person.  I change the setting/time period.

Other times I brainstorm picture book ideas.  I either use the weekly prompt at Illustration Friday or a check out the latest photos on Pexel.

These things help me tap back into my sense of creativity — enjoying creation for the sake of creation and not worrying about getting it right.

So, let me ask you again — do you feel creative when you write?  If the answer is no, what are you going to do about it?