Stretching to Write

I didn’t realize how much time I spend sitting at my desk until last spring when it started to bother me.  Not that I realized it.  It wasn’t until I had full-blown sciatica that I put two-and-two together.  The good news is that my sciattica isn’t bad and yoga has been a been a huge help.  In part, yoga has helped because it has made me more aware.

It has made me aware of the fact that when I have a deadline to meet, I sit at my desk.  A lot.  Duh.  That’s kind of obvious.  But take a moment to observe.  Sit as if you are sitting, working at your desk.  Your legs are pulled in close to your chair.  Your arms are angled to type.  You’re in a tight little ball with a tiny little range of motion.

I tend to realize this on Monday and Wednesday mornings when I go to yoga and I’m as flexible as a saltine.  Still, there are poses that help and, not surprisingly, they are the one that require a big stretch — triangle, warrior, pigeon (yes, pigeon), and, as much as I loathe it, downward dog. The above video shows the pigeon — the version we do in class is shown at 2:16.


I know yoga may not be your cup of tea but I hope that each of you has something that forces you to reach and stretch.  Don’t wait until there’s a problem to begin sorting it out.

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