Manuscripts Wanted: Might Media Press

Call for SubmissionsAre you looking for a publisher that takes an active part in publicity?  No, I’m not teasing.

Sammy Bosch, Director of Marketing & Publicity at Mighty Media Pres, had this to say when interviewed by Carrie of Carrie On . . . Together! “The marketing team at MMP schedules a book launch tour for every author, and continues to book tours for each author in subsequent seasons. We also plan out year-long promotion opportunities for each book—collaborative book trailers, partnering with organizations, social media promotions (e.g., giveaways, Twitter chats with authors, news reveals, etc.), the use of new technology to promote a title, blog tours, holiday promotions, special swag and event kits for key titles, and much, much more! We schedule interviews, guest blogs, and media hype for each author as well.”

Sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?  The bad news is that Might Media Press only reads manuscripts during their open reading period.  The good news is that period is NOW (from October 1 to April 30).

Mighty Media Press wants books that meet these four mission criteria:  The book must ignite the child reader’s Curiosity (1), Imagination (2), Social Awareness (3) and Sense of Adventure (4).

If your manuscript meets these criteria and you’d like to work with a publisher that takes an active roll in publicity, check out the submissions guidelines here.