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December 8, 2015

Using a Rewrite Checklist

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checklistWhen I’m moving into the final draft of a manuscript or rewriting based on my editor’s comments, it can be hard to keep everything in mind that I need to correct.  I have friends who will read the editor’s comments and then start reworking their manuscript at page 1.  Me?  I need a checklist because I’m worried that I’ll forget something.  This means that I literally type up a checklist.  The one that I’m working from now looks something like this.

  • Intro to decade.  Each chapter in this book reviews a single decade but it has to open with a solid overview — tell them what they’re going to read.
  • Smooth text.  General readability.  I check this by having a voice reader read it aloud.
  • Expand abbreviations.  National Football League for NFL
  • Words for glossary.  A 20 term glossary is easier to assemble if you select the words as you go through each chapter.
  • Length

Some people rewrite, going through the entire manuscript once per issue.  I have to admit that when a manuscript is 75 pages long, I don’t have the time, or desire, to go through all 75 pages 5 or more time.  Instead, I go through a sidebar or a section of the main text and make sure that I have addressed each item on the list.

If a block of text is too long, say a 7-page chapter, I have to break it up.  Otherwise I check the first page or two really well, but by page 7 I’m just cruising along.

What method do you use to make sure that you’ve covered everything that you need to cover in a rewrite?





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