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December 2, 2015

Blogging Basics

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blogging basicsIf you write, it can be a good idea to blog.  Regular blogging keeps you in the writing habit even when you have no other deadlines. It is also a great way to connect with readers and fellow writers. I’ve also had more than one editor Google me when they recieve a query.  Because I have a current blog, I also have a strong web presence.

Blogging isn’t difficult if you keep a few basic rules in mind.

Pick a topic.  You can blog about anything.  I blog about writing.  I could just as easily blog about The Ancient Maya or Pearl Harbor — the topics of two of my books.  Blogging may be online journaling but the best way to build an audience is pick a topic and …

Stick to it.  I try to make sure that each post relates to writing.  I don’t post about cooking.  Or knitting.  Or crafting.  But I could because I do all three.  I want my readers to know what to expect so I stick to my topic.  I also try not to . . .

Rant.  Let me put this simply.  Do not rant.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t write about things that you feel strongly about.  Do.  Your enthusiasm will ring true.  But avoid ranting.  If you rant, you will appear to be a member of the “foil hat brigade.”  I use this phrase specifically because I borrowed it from a commenter who warned someone that this is how her post made her appear.  As it says on the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — Keep Calm.

Title’s Count.  Coming up with titles is not my favorite part of blogging but I’m lucky.  Because you want searches to find your posts, it is best to make your titles straightforward.  What is this post about?  Blogging Basics.  The post for tomorrow?  PiBoIdMo or Emotional Connections.  I haven’t decided yet.

Graphics Count too.  Because blogs are highly visual, it pays to include graphics in your posts.  If you are writing about a book, you can use the cover art.  You can create an infographic, which I blogged about here.  Or you can use a photo.  To find out how to locate photos, check my post today at the Muffin.  Sometimes I use the photos as is. Other times I use them to create photo badges.

Blogging doesn’t have to be intimidating. Just go into it with a plan and . . . Keep Calm.



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