Activities: My most recent batch of activities online

education comJust as I was getting ready to stop working Wednesday afternoon, I got some good news from my editor.  My latest batch of activities are up.

3-D Pumpkin Collage.”  I had a nice little surprise when I pinned this one.  Someone else had already pinned it.  Yay!
Autumn Beaded Bracelet.”  I actually wear this one several times a week.  Two different people have asked me to make this bracelet for them.
Autumn Leaf Bowl.” After taking the photos for publication, I spray painted these bronze.
Autumn Tree Paintings.” I really liked the way this painting turned out.
Felt Jack-O-Lantern.”  Felt scraps can come in handy. This one had also been pinned.
Spooky Self Portrait.” Another one that was a lot of fun.

Language Arts:
Autumn Cinquain.” I love writing poetry activities.  If only I was a poet!
Before and After Halloween Acrostic.” Coming up with an interesting photo for a poem is tricky.  I employed the skeletal Jimmy Gibbs, Jr. for this one.

Paper Pumpkin Numbers.” Preschool math activities generally sell well because they aren’t easy to develop.  1 math activity, 16 others in this batch.

Autumn More or Less.” Learning to weigh.
Candy Corn Balance.” A tricky one to photograph.
Candy Corn Science.” When you buy something like candy corn for a set of activities, try to use it more than once. This one was also pinned.
Glowing Eyes.” This one was a lesson in “you need to try it before you write it up.”  Didn’t work quite how I thought it would.  Fortunately, I was the one to find that out.
Pumpkin Measurements.”  A lesson in the different ways you can measure the same thing.
Scary Science with Spiders.” How to make your own sticky spider web.
Skeleton Hand Print.” Activity #4 that had already been pinned.


This is the first time that I’ve had any activities pinned before I could get to it.  And it wasn’t one but four.  So often we send our work out and are never sure that it connect with people.  This was a nice change.

For those of you in the US, I hope you are finding some time to spend enjoying the holiday weekend.  Take some time to recharge so that you can get going on your writing Monday morning.


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