Don’t Apologize: Just Write the Book

One starWhen I saw this button on my friend Janni’s Facebook wall, I thought about some writing advice that I’d heard in relation to 50 Shades of Gray.  “Readers love unapologetic authors.”

I don’t know that that is always the case, but I definitely agree with the button. A book that excites strong feelings in your reader will bring positive reactions from some readers and negative reactions from others.

I learned that lesson with Black Lives Matter.  Some reviewers declared it the book that needed to be written. The one that finally tells the whole story.  Other reviewers decried it as anti-white and horribly biased and what is wrong with our schools today.  Absolutely no one said “It was so-so.”


What story do you have to tell that is going to be a bit more reality than some people are prepared to handle?  It might be nonfiction like Black Lives Matter. Nonfiction doesn’t have to be about race to be unapologetic.  A book about human evolution that doesn’t pull any punches in order to avoid offending creationists is unapologetic.  Unapologetic stories can be told about politics, gender studies and more.

But that doesn’t mean that an unapologetic book has to be nonfiction.  Many of these books are fiction.  The funny thing is that fiction doesn’t even have to be realistic to be real.  Divergent and The Hunger Games are both apocalyptic science fiction but they also depict human nature in a stark, unapologetic light.

That’s the story that you need to tell.  That is the story that will elicit a reaction from your readers.