Recent Finds

old booksI have several friends who love to go to garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops.  I don’t go often (the house is full) but when I have the opportunity I like to check out the books.  Shocking, yes?

But I’m not looking for a favorite author.  I’m looking at the antiques.  This weekend my church held their annual craft fair, bake sale and used book sale.  I haven’t found anything too terribly old the last few years but this year?  This year I found two treasures.

My favorite?  Woman’s Medical Hand-Book by David Wark, M.D. New York.  Gay Brothers and Company, 1882.  According to the good Dr. Wark, women should be protected from cold and wet during menstruation because this is as hard on their wombs as conception.  This one is going to be a hoot.  I can just tell.

The second book is Zig Zag Journeys in the Great North-West by Hezekiah Butterworth.   Boston. Estes and Lauriat, 1890. It includes stories and legends and a great wealth of travel information.  It will be interesting to read what good ol’ Mr. Butterworth has to say about the Ojibwa. A quick web search revealed that these books were allegedly based on his travels and that something like 250,000 copies were sold.

Some day I’m going to delve into one of these books for some story fodder.  When I do, I suspect I may have to defend some of my “facts.”

Until then, I have fun flipping through them and collecting odd bits of this and that.