Revision Challenge

ReviMoNovember is Picture Book Idea Month.  I’m an idea person so this is great for me.  And I love first drafts.  Love. First. Drafts.

The reason for that is simple, I often can’t fully process an idea until I get something on paper.  As a result, I have a lot of early draft, first drafts, drafts that have been critiqued.  But then I go on to the next first draft.  Yep.  I have tons and tons of early drafts and not so many things ready to go out.

That’s the beauty of the ReviMo challenage.  For one week in January, Meg Miller challenges us to get off our fannies and revise some of those picture books.

This year’s challenge runs from January 10th through January 16th.  During this week, Miller challenges us to revise at least four manuscripts.

Been thinking aobut looking for an agent in 2016? What better way to get ready to go than to get some manuscripts submission ready.  Add ReviMo to your calendar and, in January, pop on over to Miller’s site to sign up.

Between now and then?  Develop and rough out some of your Picture Book Idea Month ideas, of course!