Markets: Fun for Kids

Call for SubmissionsI’ve yet to break into the Fun for Kids magazine group but there is always hope especially now that the 2016 themes are listed on their site. If you aren’t familiar with this magazine group there are three magazines — Hopscotch for girls, Boys’ Quest for boys, and activity-driven Fun for Kids.  This publisher only wants nonfiction which is amazing news for some of us.  Here are the new theme lists:

Babies and Babysitting  Feb 2016
Frogs, Toads, Salamanders  April 2016
Ice Cream  June 2016
Mysteries  August 2016
Friends  October 2016
Castles and Princesses Dec. 2016

Boys’ Quest:
Weird and Wacky  Feb 2016
Communication  April 2016
Summertime June 2016
Birds August 2016
Wheels  October 2016
Unique Careers  Dec. 2016

Fun for Kids:
Music   Jan. 2016
Fun with Food  Mar 2016
Wild Animals  May  2016
Water  July 2016
Fall Fun   Sept. 2016
Family   Nov. 2016

You’ll find complete guidelines on the Fun for Kidz site and when you pop over there, double check the theme list.  One of the things that I like best about this magazine group is that they delete themes from the list as the issue fills up.

Which themes are you going to try?  I’m tempted to try Castles and Princesses although I know that if they want the traditional princess, I’m going to be way off base!