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October 30, 2015

Brainstorming via mem

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I love looking at the various mems my friends post on Facebook.  Okay, not the political ones so much but the funny ones, the historic ones, and the “what would you…” variety.  They are wonderful opportunities to brainstorm story ideas.

What magical power do you posess?  What superpower?  What supernatural ability?

Those are all great opportunities to brainstorm.  What would be the best superpower?  Personally, I have no interest in flying and superspeed which just mean that I ran into more things more quickly.  No thanks.  Mind reading? That would probably get old fast.  I’d be annoyed whenever someone lied.  Xray vision?  That would be tempting.  I am, as my grandmother called it, a nosey Parker.  I was never 100% certain what that meant beyond “nosey.”

I may not have settled on the best superpower, but look at all those potential story ideas!  That could keep me going for a while.

Historical mems are just as good.  I posted this one on Columbus Day.  The full story potential didn’t strike me until me friend Walter commented on it.  “I claim this Astin Martin in the name of Spain.”  Whoa.  What is your character really tried this?  It couldn’t possibly work unless he had found some extraordinary legal loophole.  That could be a wild story.

Then another friend posted a mem today about the women who were against suffrage.  That’s the sort of thing we sometimes forget.  Not everyone, not even all women, thought it was a great idea.  Why would a woman work against it?  I could see this one working as either nonfiction or fiction.

When you are stuck for a story idea, take a closer look at the mem’s your friends post.  Maybe one of them will spark a story idea.  And, if it does, you can tell your spouse that Facebook time now counts as research.




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