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October 29, 2015

I’m a Real Boy . . . I Mean Writer

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(Startup Stock Photos)

(Startup Stock Photos)

Last week we had parent teacher conferences.  I’d love to say that I behave myself but occasionally I get bored.  This normally happens when a teacher is droning on about the importance of writing.  Honey, you’re preaching to the choir.  I get it. This particular teacher had been discussing the importance of the research paper in his class when he mentioned citations.  “Oh, you want MLA.  The book I just turned in was in Chicago Manual of Style.”  After he asked me what I write, I told him and he looked surprised.  “Oh, you’re a real writer.”

Yes, I would seem to be.  His response does make me wonder what other types of writers he’s met.  I’ve met a wide variety of non-writers including:

“I have a story for you to write.”  My personal favorites are the people who want me to pay them for an idea so that I can write it.  Honey, I have more ideas than dust bunnies and there are tons of dust bunnies in this house.

One Trick Ponies.  These are the people who have one idea and only one idea.  They work it and rework it and keep going over it. Unfortunately, they never let it sit while they work on something else so it never gets any better.

When I have time. . . A lot of would-be writers never get around to it because there is always something else to do.  Writers have other things to do too.  There are dishes in my kitchen sink and I have to rehearse but I have two blog posts to finish so that’s what I’m writing.

Show Me the Money.  A lot of people don’t want to go through the effort until they have a check in hand.  If you can get that job, go for it but that’s probably only going to happen once you have a reputation as a writer.

In truth, if you want to write you are going to have to make the time and really work at it.  Do that and you may manage to make some money at it.  But you’ll have plenty of work to do first.  For four tips on writing for children, check out my post today at the Muffin.





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