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October 20, 2015

What do you do after you meet a deadline?

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time-watch-theme-machines-gearsI remember when I was a new writer, unpublished, and I thought I would have these amazing rituals to celebrate sales and meeting deadlines.  Hey!  Back off!  I majored in anthropology.  Rituals.

I’d celebrate like this . . .

I’d go buy that . . .

I’d have something that represented each of my sales . . .

I hope that I’m not dashing anyone’s wildest dreams but that isn’t how things have worked out.  For one thing — this is what I do for a living. I’d love to say that I have time to recooperate.  I’d love to say that, at the very least, I get dinner out and a movie.  But very often I have another deadline so I move on to that project.

In this case, I have 7 educational activities due next Monday.  I’d love to say that they’re written and I only have to finish the projects and take the photos.  But that’s not quite the case.  I have started on them but this will be my focus for the next few days.

I’m also going to get back on my letter to agents. More about that Thursday.

And, for the first time, I have a second book in the same series.  I just turned in Women in Science.  Now I get to write Women in Sports.

I wish I could take a few days off but I don’t think its in the cards this time around.  That said, I’m lobbying for a movie and dinner this weekend…



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