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October 2, 2015

Agents: Adding to My List

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Agent HuntSo what did I accomplish last week on my great agent search?  Did I send out my letters?


But I had a good reason.  Last Saturday I was one of the staff at the Missouri SCBWI conference.  It meant that I got to meet 2 agents (Brianne Johnson/Writer’s House and Kirsten Hall/Catbird Productions).  Before I sent things out, I wanted to find out if either one of them was write for my list.

I’m going to be doing more research on Brianne Johnson.

While I liked Kirsten Hall — she is so full of energy and loves books so much! — she is realy only interested in picture books.  Sure, she’ll take on longer works but her real interest lies in picture books.  And that doesn’t just mean 32 page picture books.  She loves picture books that break the rules — 100 pages?  As long as it works, she’s game.

But Brianne Johnson handles everything from picture book through young adult.  What made me think that she might not be a good match for me was that her market listing didn’t mention juvenile nonfiction although it did include adult nonfiction. Fortunately, one of my friends spent some time with her this weekend and managed to catch me on Saturday.  “She wants children’s nonfiction! She’s perfect for us!”

This means that I’ll be doing a bit of research and her and what she likes this week.  I did manage to take to her at dinner and, like me, she’s a crafter.  Granted she quilts and throws pottery but still.  She did edit an adult book on knitting.

A bit more research and then . . . I promise! . . . those letters are going in the mail!




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