Markets: Agents and editors seeking manuscripts

Call for SubmissionsHave you visited Manuscript Wishlist yet?  One of my writing buddies pointed out this great market resource.  This site lists literally hundreds of agents and editors and what they want to receive.  Need an agent that represents only children’s books?  Or picture books?  Then this is the place to look.  You can search by:

  • Agent/editor name
  • Genre
  • Keyword/Tag

This isn’t one of those sites that claims to provide up-to-date listings but then sits static for weeks or months.  There may not be new listings daily but there are listings posted each week.

I have to admit that I’m bad about checking sites like this but I added Manuscript Wishlist to my blog reader.  Now feedly will pull in the latest listings for me to check at my leisure.

Hopefully you will find this site as useful as I have.



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