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September 14, 2015

What I’m Working On: Flexibility

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The Importance of Being Flexible.

Just when I think I have my time planned out, I relearn the importance of flexibility.  To make this even funnier, I just started taking yoga.  Get it? Yoga.  Flexbility?

In the past few weeks, I ‘ve had two jobs come my way.

A new-to-me editor contacted me.  I am writing 17 education activities with autumn and Halloween themes.  The first ten are due next Wednesday.  I’m going to get started on the next group ASAP because they are fun to do but I don’t have a deadline yet.

Last week, my contact at Redline dropped me a note.  I didn’t expect to hear from her for a few weeks but, of course, I said YES.  Then I read her e-mail.  Only joking!  But the reality is that with all of the Black Lives Matter mess, I was a little afraid they wouldn’t want me to write for them again.  No, I still don’t think it was my fault, but these are the kinds of things I worry about when the cat wakes me up.  I am working on two titles for their new Women in History series.  This is the first time I’ve ever gotten two books in one series.  I’m doing sports and science.  Science is due first so, of course, every tid bit I’m seeing as I read has to do with sports.

I’m still working with Duchess on the NASA book and I have three articles to finish for CBI.

Fingers crossed that I can still work in my agent search!  I know that’s an important long-term step for my career but a girl’s gotta eat.  Right now, my plate is full.



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