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September 11, 2015

Agents: Finding an Agent

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Agent HuntAt long last, I’m going to move beyond talking about finding an agent and actually do it.  That’s why I’m posting here.  Committing publically will help keep me honest, and let’s be real.  Finding an agent will be every bit as difficult as finding a publisher.  First things first, I’m going to pick three agents to approach.  These are all people whose names I’ve set aside for one reason or another. But I want to know a bit more about each of them before I query.

So, who have I chosen?

  • Emily Sylvan Kim of the Prospect Agency.  I know one of Emily’s clients and she raves about Emily.  RAVES.  Because of Emily, my friend has a series of her own at Abdo.  That said, it was a fiction series.  I want to do a bit more research on Prospect and specifically what other books they’ve sold before I approach them.
  • Sally Apokedak at Leslie H. Stobbe Literary Agency.  I found Sally online not long ago and when I read the list of things that interest her it was a little creepy.  Has this woman been peaking in my files?  She represents both fiction and nonfiction.  In nonfiction she likes religion and science.  See what I mean?  Still, I don’t know much about this agency so, again, I’ll be doing some reading.
  • Susan Hawk at the Bent Agency.  Again, Susan is someone who caught my attention online; I read the agency blog, Bent on Books.  Susan represents everything from picture books to young adult, fiction and nonfiction.  This agency has quite the reputation in children’s publishing but, again, I’ll be doing some research first.  I want to find the best possible fit for my work and not just one manuscript either.

What do I plan to do in my search?

  • Dig through my “agents” pile.  I’ve been saving information on agents that intrigue me. I’ll dig through the pile (less than 3 inches tall, whoot!) and see what I can see.
  • I’ll also check to sections of the SCBWI The Book, The Essential Guide to Publishing for Children, 2015.  Specifically, I’ll be looking at the sections on agents and agencies and the section on who agented what.
  • Of course, I’ll be doing a Google search.  Having learned my lesson from a friend’s experience, I’ll dig deep.  I’ll go through at least 10 pages of search results per agent/agency.  I’m not anticipating any “red flags” since these are all established agencies but I’ll be doing my homework anyway.

What am I looking for if not red flags?  A good fit.  This is the person who is going to carry my work out into the world.  I want them to love it as much as I do.




  1. Go get ’em, SueBE! You’ve got this. It’s all you, kid! (Too many years as a Little League Mom, there, sorry) 🙂 Sending up prayers that you find the perfect agent for you.

    Comment by rhcwilliams — September 11, 2015 @ 2:36 am | Reply

    • Thank you! Both the cheers and the prayers are much appreciated.

      Comment by suebe — September 11, 2015 @ 3:28 am | Reply

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