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September 7, 2015

Creative Energy

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IRechargef you read my blog regularly, you’ve already read about my joyous encounter with FOX news.  Needless to say, my creative energies have been a tad low.  How ironic that this is my topic for Labor Day.

I don’t really have time for burn out because I have three projects I can’t entirely ignore. I’ve got to get that energy back.  At times like this, I’m not a proponent of butt-in-chair.  Personally, I think you need to get your butt out of your chair to recharge.  Because of this, I’ve been focusing on other things including:

Weeding.  It isn’t fun but it gets me outside in the sunshine and breeze.  There’s something about pulling a bucket of grass, roots and all, out of a flower bed.  This is the kind of progress you can see.  That said, it isn’t really fun and before to long I find myself wanting to get back to my desk.

Crocheting.  Fortunately, my creative energies dropped just as my cousin’s wife had their first son.  One baby blanket coming up!  In fact, I’ve already finished it and have started a blanket for another upcoming arrival.  Crochet is another task that keeps my hands moving but doesn’t tax my brain.

Coloring.  I’ve also started coloring again.  Apparently adult coloring for relaxation is a craze.  I didn’t know that until recently.  I just know that I’ve always loved to color.  In fact, it’s the creative hobby I wrote up for yesterday’s post on the Muffin.

Walking.  After not being able to walk far or fast this summer, I’m back out there on the sidewalk enjoying my time outdoors.  This is even better than weeding although the high temperatures this past week didn’t allow for as much walking as I would have liked.

Silliness.  My husband hit a sale this week and has already bought our new Halloween decoration.  At the moment, Spike is my new office mate.  Sometimes he holds my crochet.  Sometimes he’s into a new book.  My son has asked that I leave him in here.  “Seriously, Mom.  Normal adults do not stage a skeleton around the house.”  Sniff. As if I aspire to be normal.

When you find your energies at a low, take some time to recharge.  Get out and move.  Have some fun.  Create something that has nothing to do with writing.  It may take some time but that’s okay.  At some point in our writing careers, we all need to recharge.



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