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September 1, 2015

Text book vs Educational book

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One of the things that came up in the Black Lives Matter furor (read yesterday’s post) was what is a text book?  FOX claimed that Duchess and I wrote a text book to indoctrinate 6th graders.
Text book
Paul Abdo, our publisher, calmly explained that Abdo doesn’t publish text books. They publish educational books.  So what’s the diff?
Here’s how I explained it to Fusion writer David Matthews.
A text book is a book used to educate in the classroom.  Think about the reading primers and math books that you learned from in the classroom.  There are instructional sections as well as exercises which might include discussion questions or problems for a math text.  You rarely find someone reading a text book just to find something out.  These books are generally stand alones.
An educational book is meant to teach.  Many of these books are sold to libraries, ranging from school libraries to public libraries although books by educational publishers are also used in classrooms. A student doing a paper on the Black Lives Matter movement or Trayvon Martin might go to the library to pick up the book Duchess and I wrote.  Many of these books are published in series.
I understand the confusion but I also understand the difference.  If you want to submit your work to a publisher who does one or the other, you need to know the diference too.

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