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August 19, 2015

Warnings: May Not Be All They’re Cracked Up To Be

“My world history teacher is going to be your favorite.”  That was one of the first things my son had to say to me when he got home from his first day of his junior year.  Since he’s sixteen, this could be a case of Mom Baiting.  If that was the case my son’s next line might be “He let’s us do all our research on Wikipedia” or “We’re studying Atlantis.”

But it wasn’t.  This time he was being sincere.  “We’re starting with the Big Bang and we’re going to learn about Darwin.”  Be still my heart!  No, I didn’t do a happy dance because we were in public but I did send up a prayer of thanks.  Yeah, I get the irony but that’s the beauty of being me.  I’m complicated.

A year or so ago, I took a class on teaching evolution in the classroom.  Yes, it was about evolution but more than that it was about how to teach science.

When I told my critique group about it and how many ideas I was getting, one member firmly shot me down.  “They may want you to think you’ll be able to write about this, but no one’s buying.  Not evolution.  Schools are being forced to teach Creationism.”  Since this person was a guidance counselor, I took this as solid advice.

Now I’m not so sure.  Clearly, not everyone is teaching creation.  My son’s highschool is studying the Big Bang and Darwin in history.  We’re in Missouri folks, not exactly a hot-bed of liberalism.

I wish I hadn’t been so easily dissuaded.  My advice to you?  If you are enthusiastic for a project, don’t drop it on one bit of advice.  A book on evolution may not be easy to sell, but what is?  I’ll just have to do my market research and find the publisher who wants what I have to sell.



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