One Writer’s Journey

August 18, 2015

Work Habits: How do you write?

work habitsDo you have to write in a specific place such as your office?  Maybe you only write first drafts long hand, polishing things up on the computer.  One of the things that we quickly learn as writers is that what works for you may not work for me.  Check out this infographic to see how these famous writers write/wrote.


I have to admit — Mark Twain’s lying down would not work for me.  I’ve tried working on my laptop sitting on a bed or chair.  Nope.  I need a table or desk.

I’ve seen King’s work space before.  It is in the corner of his living room.  He likes to be in the middle of the action.  Good for him.  I can’t do that either.  I can iron or mend in the middle of the action but not write.

I love Vladimir Nabokov’s index cards.  Back in the old days, I took notes for books on note cards.  I’ve also written picture books on post-it notes.  Makes it much easier to see the whole and play with the order.

Nude?  All I can think is that suitcase does not look comfortable?  Not one little bit.

So clearly I’m not recommending all of these methods but maybe you’ll see one that either reminds you of how your work or inspires you to try something new.  NEW, not necessarily nude.



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